FreightHub's Tariff for Surcharges

Surcharges Import/Export

Sea Freight Less than Container Load (LCL) and Air Freight

Valid as of the 18th of March 2019 and only for harmless goods

What charges might occur and why am I being charged?

The standard delivery time for imported sea and air freight is 48 hours from the time of acceptance of the goods at the port. Usually, the acceptance of goods takes place one working day after receipt of the customs clearance. Fixed delivery dates can be agreed against charge.

As the terms of the delivery are limited to the sidewalk of the road and this means that the responsibility for unloading lies on the receiver's side, e.g. a lifting platform, loading ramp and/or forklift is recommended for unloading. A Lifting platform fee applies if the consignee does not provide loading capabilities at the point of discharge. Then, a lifting platform is necessary for loading/unloading. 

The proof of delivery is a document proving the proper delivery of a consignment. The document is issued by the freight forwarder prior to transport and the recipient then acknowledges the proper delivery of the consignment.

A fee for an advance shipping notice is due when the trucker notifies the consignee via telephone about the arrival time of shipment on the day of delivery.


Valid as of the 18th of March 2019 and only for harmless goods 

What charges might occur and why am I being charged?
A Courier service fee occurs if the service of sending documents (e.g. original Bill of Lading) from/to FreightHub is used.         

A Waiting time fee is due when the agreed time of loading/unloading during on-carriage outside of the terminal is exceeded. If this happens against contractual agreements or reasons out of the freight forwarder's area of responsibility the consignee is charged by the freight forwarder.         

A Storage fee for air freight is a fee charged by the handling agent if the shipment is not collected from the airport/terminal area within the permitted free hours. The reference point for calculating the storage fee for import/export is the actual time of arrival at the airport. The amount of the fee depends on weight and storage time.         

An Advance Commission fee is due when customs duties, taxes (other charges) occur while importing a shipment. FreightHub advances these fees on behalf of the customer. The advance commission fee ranges between 1-2% of the advanced amount and will be disclosed on the customs invoice (valid as of 12.07.2019).

Disclaimer: The prices and periods shown above are only valid exclusively for ISO Norm containers, not for dangerous goods and/or special equipment. The costs for this are available upon request.

Download our tariff as a PDF version here

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