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Booking with FreightHub, as a Supplier, it's easy.


First of all, login in your account at https://ship.freighthub.com or, if visiting from mainland China, https://ship.freighthub.cn

Create a booking Request

You will be presented your supplier account, from which you'll be able to create a Booking Request. To do so, just click on the button on the top side of your account Create Booking Request

You'll be presented the Booking options decided by your customer. Click Book next to the one of your choice.

You'll be asked to specify the Cargo details, one specified, click Search.

Select the shipment of your choice

From the search page, you can pick which dates your cargo will be ready. Click Select next to the one of interest.

Confirm billing data and place the booking request

In the final screen you will get to select the Legal Entity for this shipment. Select the one available.
Note: If you have more than one, ask your Customer which one needs to be selected.

Now it's just a matter of accepting the Terms & Conditions and click Place Booking

Your booking request is now complete. Depending on the type of settings from your customer, your request may be subject to their approval.

You will be kept in the loop through emails from FreightHub, but you can check the status of your requests at any time by going in the Requests section of your FreightHub account.

If you have more questions, feel free to reach us out through chat or via email.

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