Bookings made by a Supplier through Supplier booking that use a template that requires Approval are called Booking Requests.

As Manager  or Admin of a company account, you can approve or reject these requests:

  • If Approved, they'll be converted into proper shipments, and our Operations team will start working on them immediately
  • If Rejected, the supplier will be notified with an optional message of your choice. They'll be still accessible for records under your Requests section of your FreightHub account.

Approving or Rejecting a Booking Request

When a new Booking Request is made, you'll receive a notification in your FreightHub account, as well an email. Booking request can be recognised from their number, which always starts with BR.

By clicking on the notification, or on the button present in your email, you'll visualise the specific booking request. This is called the Booking Request Details page.

From this page you can check all the information related to the booking request, and from the section on the right-hand side, you'll be able to Approve or Reject. Optionally you can specify a message that will be stored in the activity feed and sent as well through email.

Your Supplier will receive a confirmation email in both cases, including your message. Once a Booking request is confirmed, it will be transformed into a proper shipment (recognisable by the number starting by S). This will then appear in your Shipments page.

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