Aside from the 20Ft. and 40Ft. containers, there are a variety of containers, used for special cargo, which cannot be handled with general purpose containers.

These are referred to as "special equipment".

Shippings with these special equipment cost extra, as their handling is more complex.

Among this special equipment are:

  • Reefer Containers - For cargo that needs to be cooled
  • Flat Rack Containers - For cargo which falls outside of the standard container dimensions
  • Open Top Containers - For cargo which is too high for a standard containers
  • High Cube Container - For cargo which is light, but very voluminous (depicted on the right-side, compared to a GP 40ft. container)
  • Flexi Tanks - For liquid, non-hazardous cargo; basically a plastic container for 20-ft. containers, in which the liquid is stored:
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