Get real-time quotes and simply book your shipments online. Eliminate the long waiting time for obtaining a single quote from your forwarder. Our quotation engine can give you a quote from Shanghai to Germany in less than a minute! You can compare different options based on price, duration, and carrier to immediately book the shipment that meets your needs.

To get quotes instantly, start by clicking on the Request Quote button on the top right corner.

On the quote request page, you first need to select the shipment type. It often makes sense to compare FCL to LCL rates for shipments with more than 15-17 m³ in volume. Note that FCL shipments usually arrive at the final destinations faster than LCL shipments as less handling occurs along the loading’s journey. Also, this will reduce the risk of damage for FCL in comparison to LCL cargo. If you want to know what LCL and FCL means have a look at this article here.

To proceed, select the transport mode and indicate the route. If you don't ship from port to port, please provide us with an address or at least a postal code so that we can calculate the costs of your shipment accurately.

The next step is to specify the details of your cargo. If you've chosen FCL, type in the number of containers that you want to ship and select the container type. Use the Add more cargo button in case you want to ship more than one container type. If you've chosen LCL, enter the quantity, dimensions, and weight of your shipment. Here, too, you can add more packages if needed. Please list each package individually because we will calculate the total volume and weight accordingly. Finally, select the date when your cargo is ready to ship.

On top of this, you can select additional services such as insurance, customs clearance or VGM weighting. Please let us know if your shipment includes any dangerous goods or requires special equipment. In this case, we'll create a manual quote for you within three working days. If you need further informations about the additional services or about the manual quotes just have a look at the next articles!

Now start exploring our instant quotes and find the best price for your shipment online!

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