User Management gives you the ability to add users to your company account. You can also choose the role of each user from a number of preset roles. Below is the description of each role:

  1. Admin - has full access to everything on the platform. By default, every company account must have at least one admin. Be careful who you give this kind of access to. Examples can be IT admin, account admin.
  2. Manager - Views all shipments, and can book and manage shipments but cannot add/edit/delete users. Also can edit booking templates. Examples can be Logistics managers/account managers.
  3. Member - Can book and manage shipments assigned to them by an Admin or a Manager. Cannot access the Company Account tab (which contains: Account Details - User Management - Documents - Customs Settings - Activity Feed). Can only view the booking templates assigned to them. Examples can be your operations management team members.
  4. Billing Contact - is an extra tag that can be combined with any other role. Billing Contact Receives billing-related emails (such as invoices). This role is currently limited to a maximum of 3 billing contacts per company account. By default, every company account must have at least one billing contact. Examples can be your internal accounting/finance department.


Can I have more than one Admin/Member/Manager?
> Yes, there are no limits.

Can I combine roles?
> Yes, all roles can be combined.

Is there a limit on the number of users I can add?
> No, there are no limits.

What is the minimum number of users I must have?
> The minimum number of users is 1. However the minimum number of user roles is 2 (which are Admin and Billing Contact)

Why can't I view all the shipments in the company?
> By default only Admins and Manager can see all shipments. A member can only see shipments which are assigned to them by an Admin or a Manager. To do so, go to the overview of the shipment and add the member you want by pressing "Add more members" on the top right.

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