Introducing Directory

Directory is a new feature of the FreightHub platform that allows to save commonly used organisations (e.g. your organisation or a supplier), point of contacts, and locations. And quickly use them when you’re creating new booking quotes. Improving your day to day freight operations.

How to access your Directory

The information stored in Directory are visible at company account level. That means everybody in your organisation will share the same information.

You can access Directory from the left-hand side bar of your FreightHub platform.

The Directory page

The main page will display all the information about your Directory. When you open your account for the first time, you’ll find already Your Organisation, which contains all the information including billing address and customs information.

The page is divided in three sections:

  • Organisations, which are company entities, where you can assign contacts, locations, customs settings and billing information
  • Locations, these can be office addresses or warehouses, but also sea ports or airports.
  • Contacts, where you can create one or more point of contact within an organisation. Each one with their own email address or phone, or company role.

Creating entries in your Directory

To create a new entry in your Directory just click on the Create button below the category of your choice (Organisation, Location, Contact).

Using your Directory information

You can use your Directory information during a new shipment quote by selecting the locations and point of contacts from the dropdown. Or in a Booking Template, to ensure the origin and destination of your shipment are always correct.

Deleting or modifying entries in your Directory

You can delete or modify any item of your Directory, exception made for your organisation - which cannot be deleted. However, you’ll be able to modify your information at any time.

When deleting an organisation, all information inside it will be also deleted (e.g. all contacts and locations belonging to said organisation, will be removed too immediately).

Please notice: When modifying or deleting information in your Directory it will affect only future shipments (e.g. if you used your Directory information in a Booking Template) but it won’t change existing/in progress shipments.

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