In order to use templates for recurring shipments, you need to create a Booking Template. 

Similar to requesting a new quote, you can pre-configure all additional services in a Booking Template and only add your cargo details.

How to use Booking Templates

You can access your Booking Templates by clicking the dropdown button on the “Request Quote” button on the top menu bar.

Your existing Booking Templates will appear above your recent quotes requests. If you don’t have any Booking Template, you’ll be able to create your first one by clicking the cog icon.

A new quote can be requested by clicking on one of the recent Booking Templates.

The full Booking Templates list, alongside other settings, can be accessed by clicking on the small cog icon.

The Booking Templates list

You can access the Booking Templates list by clicking on the small cog icon on your recent Booking Template list.

From this list you can:

  • Display all the templates that are accessible to you. Users in your organization with Admin or Manager role will be able to view and edit all templates.
  • All users with Member or Supplier roles will be able to only see the templates assigned to them. They won’t be able to edit any templates.
  • Depending on your user role you will be able to Edit or Delete a template.
  • Filter and sort your templates.

How to create a new Booking Template

There are two ways to create a new Booking Template.

  1. After you requested the quote for a new shipment, at the end of the process, you will be able to save the quote as a new template

 2. Access the Booking Templates list by clicking on the small cog icon on your recent Booking Template list and then clicking on Add Template.

How to edit or delete a booking template

Click on the ooo icon next to the template you want to edit or delete and select the option of your choice.

Some notes on deleting or editing Booking Templates

  • Editing or Deleting an actively used Booking Template (e.g. quoted, or during booking process, or during shipment process) won’t change the shipment details.
  • All new shipments/quotes based on the changed template will use the new information.
  • If you want to change the details of an existing quote or shipment, get in touch.
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