Export Shipment data and save time by creating reports with just one click. No need to manually copy and paste values into the master excel file that your company maintains to keep everyone informed.

Your Operations Manager needs to know the status of every container, while your Warehouse Manager only cares about the ETA of each container? No problem! Create different report templates for different stakeholders and customize them accordingly.

How does it work?

Go to Reports and create a new report template. You are able to create container level reports or KPI reports. Container level reports give you data for every single container, while KPI reports provide you with an aggregated view. Set filters as you wish and select the columns you're interested in exporting. Finally, save the report template.

Now you're all set! Export your report in XLSX, CSV or PDF format. Every time you generate a new report, you'll obtain a snapshot of the latest information regarding your containers in the platform.

Schedule email delivery reports

If you are interested in receiving a report automatically at your email address, you may now schedule reports.

Create reports now

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