A landed costs analysis for your shipment allows you to know exactly how much did it actually cost to source every single product that was shipped within your containers.

We take into account purchase, freight and customs costs and then allocate them to each item appropriately, so that you can know what was the actual total landed cost per unit.

Why are Landed Costs Important to your Business?

1. Accurately calculate profit on every item

Landed costs give you a clearer idea of how well your business is performing by accurately calculating profit on every product.

2. Ensure sales prices are profitable

It allows you to see the true cost of products, giving you the ability to know what price to sell it for and the maximum discount you can give in order to ensure a profit.

3. Analyze where savings can be made in the supply chain

You can see the different costs involved in purchasing goods, allowing you to identify where you can make savings during supply chain management.

4. Correctly account for landed costs for accurate financial reports

Accounting for landed costs allows you to see accurate asset values and accurate monthly profits for the business.

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